Arafatkhan's Blog

Are We morons ??

Posted on: September 23, 2010

The events happening around the world are pathetic and pitiful. The selfish and greedy attitude of the rulers have ruined Nations,have set bruise on people hearts and have left no respect for humanity but my brain conflicts ma understanding i always think why people agree to their rulers though few revolt against the happenings but its like a drop in an ocean. We see the media relaying all disasters,blood bathed streets and the blame game scenes but they never tell why this happened And we are the morons who are following the prophecy of politics. If we want to change from morons to wise ,we have to change  our inner self  and we have to decide how our countries should develop,prosper and bloom peace.We fight for lands,borders and technology but we never understand that this world is a gift of almighty, he never drew any borders when he created earth its our folly which pushed us into sea of disaster. When I see,read this goblet of disasters everyday its forces me to believe “WE ARE MORONS”.

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