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“If you have a dream protect it, if you want something get it”. The world is built on dreams and that’s the reality. Every human being dreams to capture his desire and many conquer what they dreamt of and few get defeated in the process of achieving .When you dream you are actually in the fantasy land of your own world, you are the sole owner of your dream world, you set things in your own way, you build your dream world on your principles. Many would agree with me that in reality you have to compromise with your dreams, you cannot use the same colors which you imagined and indeed you have to use different shades to give wings to your dreams but for any thing to come into existence the legacy of dream should be followed, for instance great leaders thought of freedom, peace, harmony, brotherhood and then they achieved though not the exact way as they dreamt of, great scientists thought of innovations and they achieved it rather in a complex way, in fact every activity on earth is a dream of someone. The imaginary world looks very beautiful and colorful and dreams are a must for any person to sustain, dreams actually satisfies the brain’s restlessness, dream is lust to live and achieve, and dream acts as a catalyst for peace, dreams gives confidence & hope to live even if a person is shattered and dejected in life. “DREAMS HAVE NO LIMITS & IMAGINATIONS HAVE NO BOUNDARIES”, be proud to say you are a dreamer. 🙂

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