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Recession, the word sends shiver down the spines of the people.Of late recession has become an excuse for kicking out the workers,for delaying the contract payments,for denying any perks to the employees,Cost cutting even in the basic needs.That’s the height of recession.
Recession has become a goblet of fire,burning whatsoever comes in its way.A question haunts in my mind,Is recession a entity/Person or just an environment? but in either ways we can overpower both the laying,remember Obama’s successful campaign “WE CAN CHANGE” but the question here arises is “ARE WE DOING IT”.The answer is flat “NO” then why everyone is panicked by recession even the economy greats have put the world in extreme dilemma,with just  two U.S banks going bankrupt which led to many more financial institutions losing their legs,and finally this ruptured the whole world’s economy.
The ultimate sufferers are WE the PEOPLE who gave powers to these banks,we invested our time,trust,effort and money into these so called money giants because of this So many dreams were shattered,Many aspirations sunk into the earth instead of soaring high in the sky ultimately the economy crashed like a paper craft. But why are we panicking so much ? why have we stopped investing money into the market ? if we ask this question to any investor he says the market is too bad i cant risk my money,Fine that’s indeed wise but if everyone starts thinking in the same way then there will be no future left for us.There will be no money in the countries and finally leading to unimaginableconsequences.The companies are downsizing their workforce,many are drawing shutters of their offices,few have withhold its workforce without payments or by giving 50% of their salary.Everyone is living on edge of hope,every morning with the first ray of sun the hope comes along with bringing a new day but that depends on individual how they make that day successful and joyful.
If we want to make market condition viable then, only we can do it.No government can bail out this crisis because they have less options and more oppositions.Let us not simply sit in a corner and pray to god to kill this RECESSION devil but along with that belief lets act wisely and flood the market with money.The companies need not panic because there is no such worst situation as it is shown.Its we who are creating the worst scenario by simply enchanting the word RECESSION RECESSION,this word is not divine my friends but it is as venomous as black mamba,This word directly works on our immune system paralysing our logical ability and ultimately we are made morons by this mighty word “RECESSION”. 

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